In conjunction with doing a full replacement of our roof, my wife and I also selected Leaf Filter as the company to replace our aged and in need of an upgrade gutter and downspout system. From working with the sales representative and office staff to walking around while the work of removing and installing a new system was being done to watching the cleanup, we saw a competent team that took the time to do a complete and professional job at a reasonable price.

Some of the highlights of this job included how fast the team was able to be put together based on our schedule combined with how thorough the work was done as they completed tearing down our existing system, putting replacement gutters and downspouts in place, adding new sections to the system we had, putting on the Leaf Filter system then doing the final clean up.

While the job took a little longer than expected, we are incredibly pleased with the results which met meet our satisfaction. -James

Location: Rijswijk, South Holland

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