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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Ralph. We take our customers’ concerns very seriously and have shared your review with our support team. Please give them 2-3 business days to contact you. We appreciate your patience and the chance to make this right.
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I live in Black Forest, Colorado, near Colorado Springs. My lot is in a Ponderosa Pine forest.

I had Leaf Filters installed because of pine needles collecting in the gutter. The lifetime warranty sounded very good.

The first summer we had some heavy rain, which is common here. In places, the water came down the roof so fast that it just ran over the filter and on to the ground. I removed the sections of filter from that area to solve that problem

Then, the first winter I found that needles would still collect on top of the Leaf Filters and hang over the edge, causing a drip at that spot.

This caused icicles to form which dripped on a freezing cold walk creating a frozen puddle. As a result, I have to use a long pole with a wide plastic blade to pull snow off the gutter when it snows to prevent ice dams and icicles. Interestingly, the spot where I removed the filters I had no problems with ice dams or icicles.

Today I noticed that in a spot where the gutter goes inside a 90-degree corner, there was a constant drip from melting snow. I went up on a ladder to investigate and found that where the sections of mesh used to meet in the corner have now pulled away from each other about an inch, allowing water to channel through the gap and onto the walk with the familiar ice rink in front of the front door.

I said I've had it and would resort to warranty service to fix it.

I called Leaf Filter customer service to arrange to have someone come and fix the issue with the lifetime warranty. I was told it would cost $95 to have some come look at it. I was also told the warranty only covers defects for a year. All the lifetime warranty covers is a gutter clogged with debris.

Clogs with snow or ice, and leaks aren't covered.

I have never been happy with this product. To say I'm unhappy is an understatement.

I can't print the words expressing how I really feel.

Before I had this installed, I paid a guy to come clean the gutters for less than a hundred bucks. That would cover the cost of the Leaf Filters for longer than I'll be breathing.

User's recommendation: If you live where it snows, save your money. Just pay some guy that needs the work to come clean the gutters for you.

Preferred solution: Repair.

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