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Hi William, please give one of our team members a call at 800-749-4566 or email support@leaffilter.com to ensure you have the correct information.
William D Jjr

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I registered and received my warranty. I downloaded and printed the warranty but it doesn't have my name and address on the paper. Is it supposed to have any information showing the warranty is for my house ?

Elena K Hpy

Great experience all around

Great experience all around. A representative came out the same day we called. He provided a thorough review of the product and gave us a quote. The leaf guards were installed within a few days. -John M.
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Elena K Hpy

Quick and Easy!

I received a flyer in the mail when I moved into my new home. I was able to get a consultation scheduled within only a few days of calling and the salesman was fantastic. Great at answering all my questions and got me a good price. Also was able to get the installation done only a few days after agreeing, and the installer worked on my house all day and was able to get it all done. Very quick process and looking forward to seeing the results. Helpful all the way through and very responsive. -Brandon A.
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Elena K Hpy

Great company

Each person was extremely helpful and professional. Customer service was excellent. -Pam
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Elena K Hpy

Great investment

Our salesman Dillon was very thorough and quick in getting us an estimate and also set up for our job. The crew replaced our old gutters with much better quality 6 inch gutters with the leaf filter system. It looks much better and we are glad that our gutters won’t be clogged with leaves continually! We are very happy with the quality and our investment. -Gary M.
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Elena K Hpy

Efficient and professional crew

The crew that installed my LeafFilters were very efficient and professional. They cleaned up afterwards ensuring there was nothing left on the ground from the removal of debris from the gutter and replaced hardware. Very happy with the results of the installation. -John B.
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Elena K Hpy

Prompt Customer Service, Professional Staff, & Exceptional Product

Hands down, one of the most positive customer service experiences we have had as 30+ year home owners. Thanks to every member of the Leaf Filter North team who worked on our project to include scheduling, financing, troubleshooting, cleaning, & installation. You are to be commended for your exceptional professionalism and service! -Ann
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LeafFilter's reply to: LeafFilter - Horrible Purchasing/Install Process with Leaf Filter

Thank you for reaching out to us and providing this feedback. Your situation is not our standard, and we will share this information with our team to minimize issues like this in the future. Please reach out to us at 800-749-4566, so we can help you directly.
bradley s Eia

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Horrible Purchasing/Install Process with Leaf Filter

I contacted Leaf Filter the first week of June, via the Internet, about getting my gutters/fascia replaced.

I was contacted over the phone and set an appointment for an estimate on 06/08/2023.

Kyle was the rep who showed up. Gave a great presentation, and took all the measurements of my house.

We discussed options, and he gave me a quote for all my fascia board getting replaced, and all new gutters.

It was 328 of fascia and 400+ off gutters.

With Leaf filters installed, it was close to $15,000. $7000 of that price was the cost of the fascia.

I declined the leaf filter and just wanted gutters and fascia done. He came back with a price of around $11,000. But if I chose to get it done in the next 2 weeks, he could do it for $8500.

I agreed.

I signed the installation contract.

He checked with the install group, and he had me scheduled for Monday 06/12/2023. He said he would notify me of the installation time in the next few days.

Kyle texted me at 5:12 pm on Saturday and confirmed the start date of the installation would be 06/12/2023. He said it would take 2-3 days, due to the fascia replacement.

Great. I took off work on Monday, so I could be home for the installationAs required by Kyle.

I rescheduled all other activities that were on Monday and moved them to Friday.

06/12/2023 I contact Kyle @ 10:44 am because the install crew had not shown up, or called..He said he was with a client and would get me an eta. I waited till 12:00, and still no response from Kyle.

I called the 800 number listed on the contract, to get an ETA on the crew. The lady on the phone told me she had the install contract, but had NO install date listed on it..I was very frustrated.She said the next available day would be Friday I took it because I needed new gutters. My wife now had to change her schedule, so she could be home on Friday for the installation.

I could not be there, because I now had a full day of work scheduled on Friday.

06/14/2023 Tuesday @ 1:12pm. Leo from Leaf Filter contacts me and confirms my install date. He also asked why I wanted all my fascia replaced. He said I probably didnt need it all replaced.

I told him I had a few rotted-out corners, and some rot along my dormers. I asked if he could come by on Thursday (06/16/2023) to look at my fascia. He said he would stop by Thursday, afternoon/evening time, to make sure I am getting what I need.

06/16/2023 No Leo. No one shows up to look at the house.

06/17/2023 8:00 am.

Maldonado Gutters shows up to install the gutters and replace my fascia. Apparently Leaf Filter contracts with other gutter companies, to install their stuff..Kyle NEVER said anything about that.

Jose asks me about replacing all the fascia He talked to Leo, and we agreed to replace the fascia that they feel needs to be replaced. They wont really know how much fascia to replace until they pull off all the gutters. Jose also asked about Down Spouts.

I initially declined downspouts, but Jose said my current downspouts were not in good shape, and wouldnt match up to the new gutters. I told him to replace the downspouts also.

I asked about getting an updated price/contract, he mentioned Leo handles that. No contact with Leo/Kyle, or anyone from Leaf Filter about these changes...

I left @ 9:30 am, to go to work.

5:23 pm I get a phone call from my Wife. She said the gutters people are done, and they want to get paid.

I asked her to walk around and make sure the work was done. She told me they replaced all the gutters and downspouts.But they didnt replace much Fascia. I asked her how much fascia. She talked with Maldonado Gutter guys, and they said they replaced 32 of 2x6 fascia, and 32 of 1x3 fascia.

Total of 64 of fascia.

Ok. I then asked how much do we owe them? Maldonado Gutters said we owed them the contract price of $8500.and to make the check out to Maldonado Gutters I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The original contract had 328 of fascia, which was 70% of the cost of the contract. Since we cut 80% of Fascia, figured the price would drop by a lot.

I didnt get an official quote on the repairs before they started, because he could not give me a quote.

Maldonado Gutters contacted someone at Leaf Filter, and I got a call from Kyle @ 5:51 pm. He told me we needed to pay the contract price. I said NO. I told him the contract had 328 of fascia, and only 64 was replaced.

I told him I needed a revised invoice, with the work that was actually completed. He asked if I could just pay the contract price, and work out the pricing stuff later. I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT. What kind of scam is he running?

Kyle wants me to pay for work that was NOT done, and try to get my money back later. He asked me why the job changed from the original contract. I told him, Leo, from Leaf Filter, contacted me. I told him Leo prompted me to not change all my fascia.

Kyle was upset, and told me all changes were supposed to go through him..I told him I did contact him on Monday, and he never called me back... I also told him, Leo, from Leaf Filter, recommended I dont replace all the fascia. Leo never said anything about needing a new contract, or revised pricing.

I told Kyle I needed an invoice, with the breakdown of the work completed. He said he couldnt do that, he would just give a new Price, but no explanation of the costs.

He also said he was on the road, and couldnt get me the revised pricing until tomorrow. I told him I would pay him when I get the revised invoice.Whatever day that is... He said he would contact the install crew, and try and get an invoice generated.

6:03 pm Kyle texted me a new price for the install stuff. $7549.00.

I just finished working for the day, and I was heading home from Round Rock.

6:34 pm Leo, from Leaf Filter, calls me.

He told me I needed to pay the installation crew, so they could go to their next job. I told him I needed an invoice, with the breakdown of the costs for the installation. The numbers Kyle texted me did NOT add up. Leo told me I would not get a new invoice or contract, just a price.

I told him I would NOT pay Leaf Filter until I received an updated contract with the pricing for the work that was completed. He got angry. He said I would have to work out payment with Kyle, and then Leo hung up on me.

7:30 pm I got home, and inspected the project. The gutters looked great.

7:39 pm Kyle texted me a screenshot of the final price.

$8882. More than the original price, and with a lot less fascia. That is also more than the price he quoted me 1.5 hours earlier, via text.

7:48 pm Kyle called me. He told me a representative from Leaf Filter would come to my House on Monday, and go over all the pricing.

I told him that would work, and that I would pay for the gutters at that time.

Monday 06/19/2023 1:54 pm Leo called, and said he would like to come to my house and discuss the payment this week. He was told to set up an appointment, anytime after Monday.. Of course, Kyle told me they would be at my House Monday afternoon.

Wednesday 06/21/2023 10:37 Leo called and said he is in traffic, but on his way to my house.

12:00 - Sat down with Leo. Expressed my frustration, and how pissed off I was.

We settled on a Price of $6400.and parted ways.

The Gutters installed by Maldonado Gutters are great. They have already been through 3 torrential downpours and performed flawlessly.

Summary: Gutters = Good, Leaf Filter the Company = Horrible

Bradley Liberty Hill, TX

  • Gutters installed by maldonado gutters are great
  • Horrible horrible process from signing the contract to install

Preferred solution: Inform other customers of my experience, so they don't have to go through it.

User's recommendation: Buy Gutters from Someone Else

LeafFilter's reply to: Highly inflated quote followed by useless warranty

Thank you for providing your feedback; it helps us understand areas that may need improvement, Wesley. If there is any additional information you would like to share, please contact 800-749-4566 or email support@leaffilter.com.
Wesley W Opq
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Highly inflated quote followed by useless warranty

The installation quote was WAY over exaggerated. They ended up installing about 1500' of gutter for $2300.

The initial quote was $6000. That was about a year ago.

This year I found spots where the screen was coming loose and actually catching debris. Te lifetime warranty does not cover defective product so I now have to pay them to come fix the bad work they did.

User's recommendation: Pay less then 1/2 the first quote and/or avoid them altogether

Elena K Hpy

The product speaks for itself

The product speaks for itself. The salesman was very knowledgeable and excited about it as well. The pricing was very reasonable and the installation was done and completed the very next day. The crew was very respectful and let me know when then arrived and was in constant contact with me on the progress. GREAT JOB!!!!!! -Jeanie G.
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LeafFilter's reply to: I found debris collecting on top of the screen.

LeafFilter is committed to providing high-quality customer service, and we’re thrilled to know that we made a good impression on you, Terry.
Terry T Idf

I found debris collecting on top of the screen.

I had Leaf Filter installed 1 year ago. After finding leaves and debris collecting on top of the screen I called the company.

Two days later they had a service man, Perry, on the job. Perry found the problem and resolved it right away.

Elena K Hpy

Our experience was amazing

Our experience was amazing. Our representative Dave who came to our home was very educated on the product, professional, friendly and patient with explaining everything from A-Z. We purchased that same night. Got us an appointment next day they came out installed our new gutters that look amazing. Very satisfied and pleased with this home improvement we did. Thank you Leaf Filter -Mercedes V.
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Elena K Hpy

Friendly and efficient

Estimate was quick. Dale was very helpful and friendly. He made me aware of all my options to get the best pricing. The workers were on time and friendly. No mess was left behind. -Kaitlyn J.
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Elena K Hpy

The installer I had was Gilbert… He was…

The installer I had was Gilbert… He was very professional. His work was great. I appreciate him explaining the product to me. His installation was clean and very professional. His demeanor was very professional. He did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend leaf filter to everyone. -Paul
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LeafFilter's reply to: LeafFilter - System is failing coming apart

Your feedback is important to us and has been shared with our team in order to improve in these areas, Bill. We encourage you to contact 800-749-4566 or email support@leaffilter.com to discuss your experience in more detail.
Bill Q Cvq

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System is failing coming apart

LeafFilter - System is failing coming apart

My system is coming apart and now I am told I have to pay even more to have shoddy material fixed. I have give 5 family members who bought this system your name.

I have given hundreds of people at realty settlements your info. I still talk to a lot of those folks for different reasons like where to find services near them. I will educate them about this. And no longer put your info in the settlement package for either Realty company I work for.

You also have a big problem with your phone number. The number on the site and your promo folder connects to a scam.

A rewards center trying to get your banking info. You had better fix that too.

Bill Quindlen

Preferred solution: System repaired not at my cost

User's recommendation: Do not buy Leaf Filter unless they give you a complete lifetime warranty. Materials workmanship and any labor to fix a problem.