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We understand that being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities and the last thing you want to do is clean your gutters. LeafFilter is considered "low-maintenance" because like any exterior part of your home there is some level of upkeep required. We do charge for services not outlined in your warranty. Normally, we don't negotiate these costs; however, if you would like to provide additional details or discuss further, please call 800-749-4566.

Screen plug and water goes over the top gutter may stay clean but when the water goes over the top and right into basement window wells it is causing problems i have spoke to leaf filter several times they say lifetime warranty not true they will come out for 95.oo dollars to look at problem i already no what the problem i am 77 years old and did not want to have to climb ladder to clean gutters well leaf filter says after the fact you have to do maint on them I did ent see that in the fine print there life time warranty is worthless and so is there product paid 2000.oo dollars. To install looking for a local person to take them off i just wish leaf filter would come back and take them but they wont called coveralls times it does no goo

User's recommendation: Don’t spend the money if you have any trees near your home.

Location: Emily, Minnesota

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